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Easy to make! Fun to use! Perfect to give away as gifts! Those are my criteria for a good crochet project. I crochet for myself, the things I want to wear and use and enjoy in my life. And I have crocheted a LOT of stuff in my lifetime.

Here's the latest additions to Fun Crochet Designs:

Raised Diamonds Cinched Tote

Rose RD Cinched Tote

Raised Diamonds Cinched Tote Pattern

The latest Fun Crochet Designs purse pattern has a three-dimensional texture that grabs the eye and makes people ask, How did you do that?

Unlike my previous purses, which close with a zipper, I wanted to design a bag with a sewing-free closure.

It can be lined if you want, but the stitches in the body are tight enough that you don't have to sew in a lining if you don't want to.

I've used several different yarns with this pattern and they all worked well when I adjusted my hook size to the suggested hook for each particular yarn.

Visit the Raised Diamonds Cinched Tote webpage to learn more.


Berry Buddies and Berry Ornaments Pattern

Whether you use them to decorate your home or turn them into play pals for the little people in your life, these berries are easy to make and fun to incorporate into your life.

The small amount of yarn you'll use to crochet these berries makes them a great stash buster. And they work up quick ... less than an hour and you have a berry!

Add eyes and lips and give them to your grandkids or neices. Or hang them like ornaments on a Christmas tree. Add them to wreaths or garland. Use them as a pincushion. The applications are endless.

Visit the Berry Buddies webpage to learn more.


Tree Berries

Thirty-four years ago, an extremely patient, saint-of-a-woman taught me and ten or so other 8-year-old girls to crochet for our Bible School craft project. Somehow, that teacher retained her sanity and I retained a love for yarn. I took to the hook and have been crocheting ever since, making everything from doilies, to baby clothes, sweaters and footies, hats and scarves. After 20 years, I abandoned patterns and started experimenting with my own designs.

Raised Diamonds Cinched Tote

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My purse patterns have become, by far, the most popular items I have designed. I bought a roll of unusual cord one day and decided to play around with it. I ended up with a small purse that my friends and family oohed and ahhed over. I made a few more as gifts, which led to requests, and a small business, making and selling them. They are easy and fun to make and always well received as gifts. I can no longer keep up with the demand so I've decided to share the patterns with the world and let you make your own. You won't regret it. On second thought, maybe you will when you see how much your girlfriends and sisters love these little purses. They won't let you rest with their begging for more of these hand-made treasures.

Other items that have been popular with my test subjects ... I mean, friends and family ... are my fashion patterns, and kitchen designs. I am getting all of my favorite patterns ready for you to experiment with. I hope you and the recipients of your crochet talents will enjoy!

Lisa Mills

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